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Ok, so you get the whole “No posting listings on your Facebook personal profile” thing. You intend to have them automatically posted to your Facebook business page.

That’s ok, right?

Well, yes . . . and no.

Yes, it’s within Facebook’s terms of service. You won’t have your page shut down for doing that.

However, what is your goal for your Facebook page? Is it to just have yet another place to “syndicate” your listings – so your sellers are happy you are advertising on Facebook?

It is?  What a waste. 

Really.  It’s a waste to use your Facebook business page like that.

Your Facebook business page has so much potential as a lead generating tool for your real estate business. Maximize that potential!

Instead of automating your listings, schedule them to post, but do it this way…

  • Pick a listing
  • Pick a feature
  • Upload a photo of said feature to Facebook
  • Ask a question from your prospects about the feature
  • Include a link to the listing IDX
  • Schedule the posting for high use period
  • Rinse. Repeat.

Do five to ten listings at once. With the scheduling feature, you can have days or weeks of listings ready to go, within about 30 minutes of your time.

You’ll also have created an engagement focused post – promoting your listings (making your sellers happy) and encouraging engagement and feedback from your prospects, which generates more leads (making you happy).

Ok – now do you see why automating the posting of your real estate listings isn’t a good thing, even if Facebook allows it? I totally and completely understand the need to leverage your time. Believe me, I do. I think that is probably one of the number one things real estate agents deal with.

However, real estate listing automation doesn’t truly leverage your time as it brings you no results. Leverage your time like I showed you above and you will see results.    

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